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Life Changers Cape Flats Heritage Tours

Join Life Changers on our Cape Flats Heritage Tour, where you will be taken on a safe journey through Cape Town and the Cape Flats.

The tour is presented by one of our qualified Tour Guides and focuses on Cape Flats and its forgotten culture, with the aim of getting insight into an unknown world and understanding the pandemic of street gangs that plague the Cape Flats.

Life Changers now brings you this tour on a guaranteed safe ride in our air-conditioned bus at a cost of only R500 per person.

Tour includes:

  • A visit to the slave museum as well as the archives where our guide will take you on a historic journey of well known cape surnames and their origins.
  • A Life Changers backpack filled with goodies to get you to lunch time.
  • A traditional Cape Flats pot gourmet meal and desert at the end of the tour at the Life Changers Centre in Ottery.

Contact us for bookings and more information on our Cape Flats Heritage Tour.